Know Your Statistics!

For any business, it �is vitally important to ensure you know how your site is performing, where your visitors are coming from, which devices they are using etc, etc. This way it allows you to test and tweak to improve conversions and ultimately profits.

Here are some of the latest articles about the changes in Google Analytics recently introduced:

New Version of Google Analytics on the Way | Google Analytics | Blog

Google has sent out an email indicating that the new version of Google Analytics will soon be activated in accounts, making v5 the default for all users.

Google Analytics Adds Mobile Metrics, Email Scheduling, PDF …
Google announced that starting this week we will start to see mobile ad performance metrics in Google Analytics. A new visual toggle is being a…

Google Analytics Blog: Site Speed, now even easier to access
The Site Speed report was launched a few months ago, but it required site owners to add an additional Google Analytics tracking code to see data in this report. Based on increasing user requests we are now making this …

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Posted on November 22, 2011 in Featured Articles

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