Nowadays, companies are taking mobile marketing as the best way to promote their business and make profits. 80% of the population in this world own a mobile phone and some people just cannot live without their phone in palm or pocket. More than half of the internet users in this world use their mobile to surf internet. Mobiles enable the companies to keep a personal kind of relationship with the people especially their customers.

Mobile marketing is not just sending bulk messages to people. There are many other things come under it like mobile apps, mobile friendly websites, etc. These are the means which business owners are using to reach their target audience.

If you have ever searched on Google about mobile marketing in the year 2003 then I am sure you must have got something like marketing on trucks and cars. But now mobile marketing is something else, a totally different term.

Mobile marketing include the following components:

  • SMS (messaging/texting): ¬†This is the most important component of mobile advertisement. Different companies send bulk SMS to different phone numbers and interested people can contact the company. The SMSs usually include some advertisement about the products and services.
  • MMS (Multimedia messaging): This way of messaging uses the same concept as SMS with just one difference. MMS contains pictures along with the messages. This is very useful for promotion as using MMS you can easily display a picture of your product. You can even add a small animated advertisement. Mobile marketing is also known as mobile search advertising.
  • Mobile Internet : There are more mobile phones in this world as compared to laptops. So just think how widely people use internet on their mobile phone. Advertising a website address attracts a lot of customers.
  • Mobile applications: Build different applications with business url in it. List these mobile apps in different websites especially those which are mobile friendly. You can also create games to promote your business.
  • Banner advertising : Produce attractive mobile friendly banners and send it to the customers.
  • Voice Messages : There are many companies which are promoting their products and services using voice messages. In this, automated system is set using which a call is sent to all the customers stating the new offers, products and services.

These are the most important components for mobile marketing. Mostly small businesses which are highly successful use these methods to promote their business. Believe me; you can actually make a lot of money using mobile marketing.

Posted on October 6, 2011 in Featured Articles

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