Social Media as an Effective Interactive Tool

Nowadays, social media has attained immense popularity that almost everyone has already used it in more ways than one.  People have seen it as an effective tool to get in touch with other people, as well as making new acquaintances.

A good example of social media interaction is Facebook, which boasts of having more than 700 million users worldwide.  Almost all the people we know have logged an account with it already, which is why companies have seen this social networking site as a viable marketing tool to promote their business.  Relative thereto, some have tried to help out these companies by offering different Facebook Marketing solutions which would suggest ideas on how to maximize its marketing potential. Remember, not all people are internet savvy and would welcome any assistance in helping them understand the mechanics of navigating the Facebook site.

Others choose to set up a Fan Page and encourage people to “like” it.   Some opt to set up networking strategies by signing up with Linkedin where users literally “link up” with one another.  In yet another aspect, there are those who choose to use Twitter to give a blow by blow status update to their “followers”.

Thanks to the latest technology, people need not log on to a computer to have access to these social media sites as these can now be accomplished through our very own Smart Phones or Iphones.  All we need is a reliable wi-fi connection, and there we have it, instant access.  This can very well explain why different Mobile Apps have been developed so that it can be easily downloaded directly into our phones.  Nowadays, we can even watch Youtube, make status updates on Twitter and Facebook, right from our own phones.

The benefits of social media do not end here. As mentioned earlier, even companies have shown interest in social media marketing as an effective marketing and expansion tool. This time, the name of the game is to encourage website traffic which, if converted to layman’s terms, means driving in those interested customers.  People are naturally interested in businesses which are keeping up with the latest there is. By being well-versed with the various social media sites, a business has a very good chance of landing new customers.  The target market which businesses aim to attract is none other than the youth group, aged 18-21 years of age.

As we can see, social media has indeed attained widespread significance as an effective interactive tool.  People from all over the world have these social media sites to thank as they are able to connect and meet new acquaintances wherever they may be.

Posted on October 6, 2011 in Featured Articles

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